Three Principles

Well-Being Solutions for Life

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Realizing Life, Inspiration in Verse: Insights on the 3 Principles as Taught by Sydney Banks

Author(s): Marilyn J Wendler
Publisher: Bookstand Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Price: £10.65
Pages: 110
Publication date: 22-04-2011

Amazon customer review:

Like her first book, Life Happened Here, Marilyn's newest book is full of warm, comforting wisdom, written in a personal and down-to-earth way that makes the reader feel a peace while enjoying the book. I have read about half of this book, as I don't want to "power" through it. Rather, I like to savor each poem and reflect on the meaning it has for me. Marilyn reminds me that I am a beautiful, complete being, and that I have everything I need for a peaceful life inside of me. When I get caught up in my thinking, I can pick up the book, read a poem and get my bearings back on track. I'm so glad I bought this book.

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