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In Quest of the Pearl

Author(s): Sydney Banks
Publisher: Unknown
Binding: Hardcover
Price: £14.50
Pages: 1
Publication date: 01-08-2012

Amazon customer review:

This is truly one of those books that will rock you to the foundation of your soul. In a beautifully descriptive fashion Syd Banks, a person who writes from wisdom and humility, guides the writer to the Pearl of Pearls that lies forgotten within themselves. Anyone looking for peace and contentment need only follow the gentle direction of the writer to "realize" happiness. From this gentle man has come a tremendously successful model of community empowerment and psychology known as Health Realization / Psychology of Mind. This model has already helped thousands of people overcome impossible odds to become happy and contented. Housing projects over run with crime that have utilized this model have realized tremendous success. (Miami, Oakland, L.A., and New York). This is the second book in a series, so purchase "Second Chance" when you order.

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