Three Principles

Well-Being Solutions for Life

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Our True Identity ...Three Principles

Author(s): Elsie Spittle
Publisher: Elsie Spittle
Binding: Kindle Edition
Price: £5.22
Pages: 0
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Amazon customer review:

Elsie's generosity in sharing her most personal life changing experiences enable us to learn along with her. In particular I refer to Elsie sharing the effect on her life when her ordinary friend, Syd Banks, experienced spiritual enlightenment. Elsie also writes about profound stories of change that contain elements of surprise as you see how Elsie, a life long learner, guides others to insights that propel them literally into a new world with more happiness, love, and understanding. It is extremely rare to meet anyone with Elsie's understanding that the Truth lies in, as Syd Banks would say, "exploring the nature of the 3 Principles." I am a professional and a family person and I give this book 5 stars for impacting my life. This is a book I cherish as well as give to family and colleagues. Enjoy!

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