Three Principles

Well-Being Solutions for Life

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Submitted by James Day (not verified) on

This pretty much describe my path so far. I got the intellectual understanding first made my life a little easier however still I was thinking about how the principles apply. Then I was at a seminar with Jamie Smart and heard him say that my experience is coming from inside and not out there and a click in the right place occurred and my world view has never been the same since. It's like there is in hiding from the truth any more. Yes I get lost in a spurious amount of superstitious thinking every now and again, but I snap back out of it now a lot quicker. Funny when I first saw the matrix I knew at the time it was a groundbreaking film in terms of its deeper meaning, but at the time I just did not fully grasp it. Now from my new perspective and thanks to these articles it makes a lot more sense :)

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