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The Guiding Light of Wisdom

Mon, 21/11/2016 - 03:10 --- threeprinciples

‘That which fills the gap between what we believe is time, and the living of our everyday lives is simply Thought’. D R-E

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The Alchemy of Consciousness

Sun, 01/05/2016 - 11:31 --- threeprinciples

“If you can concentrate always on the present, […] Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we’re living now.”  

Paulo Coelho

The true art of alchemy is not as history would have us believe, to turn base metal into gold, but moreover, to transform the ignoble and mundane experiences of our lives into the pure luminescent moments of brilliant and golden neutrality of the most beautiful kind.

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Tranquility versus Tranquilization

Mon, 21/09/2015 - 11:35 --- threeprinciples

‘The secret to happiness is not to go out there and try and find it, because happiness is not out there. Happiness is within the consciousness of every human being.’
Sydney Banks

Since time began, or so it would seem, people have made every effort to move way from pain and suffering and transition as swiftly as possible back towards peace of mind. This is a natural and logical response: we have bad feelings; we want to be rid of them! We have a head full of thoughts we wish we could simply switch it off.

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A Dream within a Dream

Wed, 22/04/2015 - 06:20 --- threeprinciples

“Life is a dream suspended in the bounds of time space and matter”

Life as we know it is experienced through the senses. It is thought turned into action; it is a dream within a dream. When we open our eyes in this world of form and become seduced by its beauty, we innocently and momentarily close our minds to the spiritual source of life. It is not that we purposefully ignore it; we simply become distracted by life.

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The Matrix of Illusion III: No Way Back

Sat, 19/07/2014 - 07:36 --- threeprinciples

Trinity: “But you’re out, Cypher. You can’t go back”.

Cypher: “Oh no. That’s what you think. They’re going to reinsert my body. I go back to sleep and when I wake up I won’t remember a goddamn thing …”.
From the movie The Matrix

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The Matrix of Illusion II: Human Resilience

Wed, 09/07/2014 - 02:33 --- threeprinciples

Neo: “What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?”

 Morpheus: “No, Neo. I’m trying to tell you that when you’re ready, you won’t have to”.

From the movie The Matrix


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The ‘Matrix’ of Illusion: Seeing Through the Dream of our own Creation

Sat, 05/07/2014 - 02:27 --- threeprinciples

“What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad”.

Morpheus from the movie The Matrix

Please use the link below to see the blog as it is featured as a guest blog on Holistic Future Networks

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The Magical Land of Home

Fri, 20/06/2014 - 06:48 --- threeprinciples

‘I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself’.
Maya Angelou

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The Doctor Doolittle Phenomenon: The Universal Language of All Things

Sat, 14/06/2014 - 10:20 --- threeprinciples

Mind, Consciousness and Thought are the complete Trinity of all psychological functioning … [a]ll living creatures, great and small, interpret what they think of life via these divine gifts’.

Sydney Banks

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The Eternal Search for Stillness

Fri, 23/05/2014 - 11:44 --- threeprinciples

‘Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can

retreat at any time and be yourself’.

 Hermann Hesse

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